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Fayza has success thanks to the choice of their noble and natural ingredients which are of first quality, but also thanks to the experience of our sauce chefs. Fayza offers a range of more than 20 recipes inspired by the delicious flavors of the world for the universe of junk food, kebab, house pitas, and grills with family… We distribute our sauces with success on the snacking market, MSG, halal butchery and food service in Belgium but also on foreign markets.

Our commitments:

Halal :

Our fabrication is certified by Eurohalal, a quality label which certify:

  • Our facilities

  • We guarantee that our receipts are without ingredients from animal origin such as jelly, animal’s fat, meat broths… Fayza sauces do not contain alcohol (cognac, whisky,…) or alcohol based aroma’s.

  • Our packaging’s



Quality :

  • Food certifications of high level: HACCP, IFS

  • We only use noble ingredients of first quality

  • We use 100% of colza oil which comes from Germany, that means regularity and constant taste

  • Guaranteed without GMO

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