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Because our food balance it’s a key point in public health we put nutrition in the center of our concerns. First, we work on the quality enhancement of our products thanks to a nutritional charter made by a nutritionist team. 
This chart is very useful to develop our products but also to enhance ranges that we already have. We work on the nutritional optimisation of all our products, without giving up the taste.


We try to avoid additives (numbers E) and this, since the making of new products or we reformulate the products that we already have to reduce or eliminate these additives. 

We have a very strict policy of 0 GMO in our Company. The taste is crucial because someone who’s aware can have a better consumption  follow the logos on our packaging’s. 

To us,  the environment is very important. In order to reduce our impact on raw materials and environment we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through the optimisation of our energy uses but also through green energies. At the production unit, we make all what we can to avoid wastes and to reduce the consumption of water.

We respect at 100%
these commitments:

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